A little bit about h.butz
Why you must come to my gallery show

I am an artist exhibiting at galleries and shows throughout New York and Long Island.

If you would like to model for a photograph, please visit hbutz.com

You have come here in search of the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How for gallery exhibition.

Let us begin!

Who: h.butz. That's me. I am a fine-art photographer from Long Island. I specialize in nudes. Jokingly, I say that nude photography chose me; I did not choose to do nude photography. It's a hobby which turned into an obsession which turned into an art show. Some of my gallery shows include The Hampton's, World Fine Art Gallery in SoHo, as well as SoHo Photo in Tribeca. Art for me is something I need to do. Although my passion is nude photography I have dabbled in landscapes as well.

What: Art exhibitions are great. The photographs you are looking at are restricted to the resolution of your computer monitor. When you view a photograph in a gallery you see the images at roughly 5-6x better resolution. The technology of your color monitor cannot come close to representing the beauty of a real up-close photograph for reasons which I will not dive into now. I choose some of my best photographs, hung them on the wall of the gallery, and I am asking everyone to come down to have a look - for free. There's free parking. There's free food (wine 'n cheese, typically) at the reception. It's just a fabulous way to spend an afternoon.

Where and when: Stop by Twitter feed for the latest information on exhibitions, shows, and photo shoots.

Why: Art galleries provide a way for you to interact with the art and the reception allows you to interact with the artist. For artists, it's a chance to bring our art to life and introduce it to the world. For patrons and collectors it is a chance to expose yourself to fresh ideas. All photographs are available for sale for those wishing to bring home a souvenir at the end of the show.

How: Photography has always been the black sheep of the art world. With the introduction of digital photography it has become even less of an "art" and more of a craft. When Adobe introduced a piece of software called Photoshop, abandon all hope of photography being taken seriously. What I have done is to use digital photography, combined with mirrors, lights, and live models to produce a distorted reality. No computer manipulation was used to create these photographs i.e. Photoshop was not used to produce these distortions.

So, what's happening today? Below is my schedule which, thanks to the magic of "Cloud Technology," maintains synchronization with my iPhone's appointment calendar. Hey - if you see a dentist appointment coming up be sure to drop me an email to let me know, ok? Gallery openings aka artist receptions is for you, the public to come in and mingle with the artists. It's cool, like getting a backstage pass except rather than music it's art. If you don't like crowds, come on down when the place is open and browse. We don't bite.

If you're a rich art collector, political figure, or V.I.P. drop me a note and I'll give you a private screening off-hours, 7am on the weekends works best for me. Send the limo to pick me up.




Need to make contact?  You can email me at hbutz@yahoo.com

For modeling information, please visit the main site at http://www.hbutz.com/

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